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Mobilisis is advanced system developed as platform to attach various devices in order to monitor them, control them, get reports or make communication. Also, Mobilisis is a set of M2M devices that can be connected to any existing device to be monitored online. Many companies use our technology to get their own devices online, such as meteorological stations, road barriers, vending machines, parking lots, gas sensors, shock sensors, cameras, automatic doors, electrical meters, irrigation pumps, heating systems, electric trash containers and other. All our devices are M2M (Machine to Machine) devices, using GPRS technology which enables constant 24 hours per day communication with every device/sensor. Users can monitor those sensors on web, check history, generate reports, send commands, check reports or get SMS/email alerts.

Mobilisis is already in use around Europe and also in Turkey and Kuwait. We developed wide range of hardware products which enhance quality of live, reduce costs and save time. Examples are controllers for utility vehicles, smart controllers for car barriers and garage doors which are synchronised with server, RFID readers, automatic door locks synchronized with server, various sensors, controllers of hydraulics on trucks, electrical meters and other.

Mobilisis group has strong software development team. We have our own solutions for servers, mobile devices, industrial modules and other types of devices.

We design hardware devices for requirements of Mobilisis projects or by specification from clients using latest technology.

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